London Lager Malt 1823 Series 1.5-2L Bairds 55 LB

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High-quality two-row spring barley is malted to produce a classic high extract and enzyme-rich lager malt with a fresh and malty taste but with low DMS potential. This malt provides a malty and honeyed flavour in classic lagers. 

This is produced with the barley grown by some of our long-established farming families who have supplied malting barley into our malthouse at Witham (situated on the outskirts of London) over the last 50 years.

Our master maltsters then convert the barley in a style that produces a classic high extract, low DMS lager malt. It is low in colour and delivers a characterful lager that has fresh malty flavours and excellent mouthfeel as the key signature components that the consumers experience.

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