Yellow Birch Barrel Pack -5 gal

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Yellow birch honey comb staves for increased surface area and utilization. Imparts toffee, butterscotch, honey croissant, light lemon, and tropical fruit flavors into wine and beer.

Instructions for use:

Insert appropriate amount of honey comb into vessel that contains beer, wine, or spirits.
(1" per gallon for Beer, 3" per gallon for Wine/Spirits)

For ease of extracting the honey comb stick out of the vessel, simply tie monofilament line to stick and tape to outside of vessel to prevent slipping. (Fishing line or unflavored floss works great).

This is a fast extraction product and delivers flavor rapidly, we recommend watching the progress carefully.

Extraction will be complete in 6 weeks, take out sooner if you reach desired flavor profile.
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